About Evan Ross

Evan works as a UX designer at Nectar Product Development. He brings a balance of analytical thinking, technical competence, and creativity to the table. In his spare time, he enjoys creating music and playing sports – especially hockey, skiing, and running.

Nectar Creates Product to Improve Pilot Safety

First Hand Experience All pilots are mandated to have charts and maps while they fly. In the past, pilots would carry heavy and cumbersome bags filled with paper charts in their planes, which needed to be constantly updated to maintain their relevance. With [...]

UX in the context of Industrial Design

If you’re a designer of any kind, you probably know by now that designing with empathy, making things intuitive, and creating a form that follows function are foundational practices of design. All of this encompasses a good User Experience (UX) a term we hear pretty [...]

LCD UI Prototyping in Photoshop

One of our current projects has a requirement for a small screen to display some data to the user. In order to down-select which of the sourced screens to use, we’ve had to look at a few characteristics including cost, energy consumption, screen size, and visibility. We have [...]