Ecotopia: David Graham "Move-it"

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Designer’s statement:

I am attracted to the sharp end of the design world – Innovation, and specifically to finding new insight in seemingly infertile ground. The endlessly varying challenges I have faced through fifteen years of designing/making and working to impossible deadlines has equipped me with an agile, problem solving mind and a total refusal to compromise or be beaten. My diverse professional and personal interests have resulted in an extremely broad skill set that I hope to expand further.

Move-it It is a compact self-assembly carriage system for boxes of up to 20Kg, made entirely of cardboard. It is fully recyclable and lightweight and consists of a set of two wheels and two different types of adjustable handle. A combination of these components allows the user to move boxes of almost any size and shape. Ideally the system will be available for a nominal price, in large shops which vend boxed goods, where customers who had not bargained for the weight or awkwardness of their purchases could utilize the system to ease their journey home. Once home the system can be disposed of by being recycled with the cardboard box, saved with the box for future trips or, reused on another box (condition permitting). The system is designed for and can withstand a typical trip across the city on Public Transport and can even cope with rain and wet pavements.

What makes Move-it truly unique is that every single part is cardboard. Wheel, axle, chassis and handle can all be mashed up at the recycling facility and made into new cardboard products; and the special reputable contact adhesive that sticks the wheels and handle to the box is designed to disperse harmlessly in water. The contact adhesive used in Move-it is an esoteric product from the paper industry which is used to splice large roles of paper together in paper mills. It is designed specifically to allow all offcuts to be recycled on-site without leaving even a taint in the new paper. Its use in this context is another first, the aim of which is to change the way the cardboard recycling industry view recyclate contamination. Bales of cardboard contaminated by too many staples, plastic tapes or non soluble adhesives are often rejected by the recycling industry, as cleaning too many contaminants out is not worth the trouble.

Move-it aims to show the way forward to industry and public alike both in streamlining the recycling process and demonstrating how other cardboard and paper products could also clean up their act. Move-it is a cheap, stylish, convenient and fun way to encourage consumers to use public transport to deliver there own goods, whilst providing a novel new customer care model for retail outlets, allowing them to painlessly increase their green corporate responsibility in a profitable, yet genuinely sustainable way. Move-it is part of a global shift towards increased personal and corporate environmental responsibility and will hopefully act as a catalyst, to increase awareness further and help trigger real and lasting changes in consumer behavior.

Move-It was developed on the Industrial Design Engineering double Masters course at the Royal College of Art and Imperial College, earning a Distinction for the MSc and a Professors Commendation for the MA. The project has already won numerous design awards since its launch at the Royal College of Art graduation show and the publicity from this and other subsequent shows has lead to a number of multinational companies expressing a serious interest. A patent has been applied for. Move-it demonstration video