Ecotopia: Eduardo Perez "4S Haus

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Designer’s Statement:

I thank you for this opportunity to partake in this competition as I wholeheartedly concur with its spirit and goal and look
forward to not only the other submittable but the development of ideas to flourish for the future of our planet and its

The word ‘sustainable’ should not be a ‘buzz’ word, it should be the ‘norm’ – it is time to embrace the beauty
of our planet and to understand how to protect it, cultivate it, and respect it. This may occur in many forms and
methodologies, the question is ‘which one is right for you?’ The answer: ‘ALL’ But I am aware that we are all different
and may need different avenues to express our concern and proceed to remedy our many faults garnished throughout time.


My proposal is via residential design (4S Haus) and the lessening of our built carbon footprint and the ideology that ‘less is
truly more’. It is a proposal that in all honesty is in the infant stages of development. Yet, in my opinion, has validity to be
included in a competition such as this. It’s validity is in it’s proposition to set a foundation for continued thought,
experimentation and development towards a sustained way of living while still allowing expression of individuality and style.
I thank you for your time and passion towards this global paradigm shift. Cheers.