Ecotopia: Isabel Gonzalez "Urban Furniture"

Ecotopia: Isabel Gonzalez "Urban Furniture"2017-08-04T16:24:43+00:00


Design Details:

The lifetime of a wind mill is about 20 years, after this time it should be replaced. Now, it is beginning to strip down the first wind farms. The blade material is glass fiber. There is currently no method of recycling, so there is a problem; what to do with all the glass fiber?

To manage all the waste that could cause this, we propose the reuse of the blades in cities such as furniture. Due to its characteristics: resistance to shock, good finish and clean, the changes are minimal for reuse, getting a creative, recycled and ecological urban furniture.

The blades that are not able to be reused in a wind mill are suitable to be used to make Futurniture.

Those blades are purchased from the wind farm owners, and then are cut to obtain the parts that will be the furniture. The surface is cleaned and prepared. It may be added some anchorages, concrete filling, and any needed compliment to complete all range of the urban element.

When designing the furniture we took into account the actual life, including elements to integrate new urban groups with specific needs, as graffiti artists and skaters.

Futurniture is composed by low bench (individual and composition), stand seats, billboards, graffiti walls and skate ramps.