Ecotopia: Jeff Sciutto "Sustainable Baby Product"

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Design Details:

First Juvenile Product to contain sustainable material content. The retailers have an opportunity to tell a unique story about sustainability. Parents see an attractive aesthetic in a durable infant product that they can feel good about for their children and the environment – at no additional cost.

Replaces some of the plastic content with starch and all products are post consumer recyclable. They provide children an early exposure to sustainable materials and how they can be used in many different ways.

Performs to the same standards as “normal” Juvenile products (testing requirements and procedures were not changed or modified in any way).

Products utilize minimal labeling and point of purchase (POP) displays. Recycled materials were used where possible for POP cards. Parts are packed in multi packs to reduce cardboard usage. The multi packs also allow for higher density shipping that removes trucks from the road (more parts per load equals less loads shipped).

Consumer research provided the following information on recycled and bio based plastics:

41% felt that the use of recycled resin in childrens’ products was very appealing.

37% felt that the idea of bio-plastics was somewhat appealing. 35% felt that this was very appealing.

Percentage that would like over 50% of products to be bio-plastics – 43% (recycled 54%)

Percentage that would like 100% of their products to be bio-plastic – 22% (recycled 24%)

Only 7% of the poll indicated that they would be willing t pay more for a product that contained bio-plastic.

Respondents felt that the use of bio-plastics were cleaner, healthier, and safer to use than products containing recycled plastics.

Consumers identified that Bio-plastics were more “earth-friendly” and not as wasteful to the environment.