Ecotopia: Johnathan Coop "Compostable Compost Carrier"

Ecotopia: Johnathan Coop "Compostable Compost Carrier"2017-08-04T16:24:43+00:00


Design Details:

Composting reduces the amount of waste each of us send to the landfill. 30% of the material we send to landfills is organic and could be composted back into the earth in a healthier and greener way. The result will also dramatically reduce greenhouse gasses and help local farmers produce lower cost organic vegetables. The rest of the world has started recycling kitchen scraps so why is southern California way behind.

My concept is to make a low cost user friendly kitchen scrap bin that will hold food scraps for a week or so, before the user takes it out to the city compost recyclers or backyard compost heap. The compost carrier bin C3 is a 100% compostable container designed to simplify the user’s experience and reduce the amount of unneeded repulsiveness when dealing with kitchen scraps. This product will get people who are not currently composting to start recycling kitchen scraps rather then tossing them in the trash can. This product will work best hand in hand with a city composting plans like the one currently used in San Francisco.


C3 was designed and built as a sustainable product. Made from sustainable materials that can be quickly constructed, distributed and recycled. This product is designed using cardboard and has a unique folding pattern that allow the container to be strong enough to hold tight and contain liquids for up to 3 months without any leeks. No glue or tape is required in the construction of the bin and it can be assembled in less then 20 seconds, not to mention can be flat packed for low shipping and handling cost. The creative idea of using cardboard was chosen, because cardboard itself chemically neutralizes the acids in rotting kitchen scraps and reduces the smell dramatically. After several uses of emptying the kitchen scraps out in the compost bin, the bin can be environmentally tossed in with the composting materials. Paper and cardboard are needed in the composting process. This product is sustainable, green and simple. To simplify the user’s experience with the bin the product has a pivoting lid. The lid prevents the user from seeing the disgusting rotting foods, reduces the amount of gross splash back, creates easy transport and prevents the misplacing of yet another part.