Ecotopia: Kiersten Muenchinger and Robin Hubbard | Terra Preta

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Design Details:

This product is submitted by the design team of Robin Hubbard and Kiersten Muenchinger. Both designers
use new materials and technologies and storytelling to enable people to have greener behaviours. They
collaborate at the University of Oregon, home to the most sustainable architecture and design programs in the


Terra Preta is an appliance that composts your food waste: greens, grains, even meat and bone, and your
paper and bioplastic scrap, into beautifully rich top soil. The Terra Preta composter grinds these raw materials,
aerates them in a consistent 60-65°C (140-150°F) environment for 10 days and sifts the results into a
collection basket. The soil produced is coveted for houseplants and gardens. Or, it could simply be discarded,
reducing the mass of your household waste by 40%-70%, reducing its methane production by 75% and
sequestering the waste’s carbon. Your Terra Preta appliance greens your home and improves your greater


The Terra Preta appliance can be placed on the floor replacing your garbage can, or can be wall-mounted. In
either position, it creates a node on the kitchen clean-up triangle of compost, counter, dishwasher (similar to
the kitchen work triangle joining refrigerator, stovetop and sink) that allows us to integrate composting more
easily into existing patterns of kitchen use. The ease of use of this appliance makes the integration of
composting into the home acceptable to more people.