Ecotopia: Le Bui "Rebar Bed"

Ecotopia: Le Bui "Rebar Bed"2017-08-04T16:24:42+00:00


Design Details:

A conceptual art to show a method of construction for instant furniture using rebar and plastic film. Rebar is a common building material that is cheap and sturdy usually made from recycled steel or iron (old buildings, rail road ties, bridges, cars). Thin plastic film is a new innovative material used to wrap boxes and products during shipment. It is very strong and is also made from recycled plastic. Both together can be combined to make instant furniture which in this example, will be an instant bed for use in disaster situations such as New Orleans hurricane Katrina, Indonesian Tsunami, Mexico earthquake and current Haiti earthquake.


With ease of construction, the materials can be dropped in any location and a group of ordinary people can construct the beds within minutes. Other types of furniture can also be constructed in this manner to complement the bed such as canopies, walls, small shelters, chairs and gurneys. This exhibition is to show the possibilities to all Eco-conscious designers out there that they can contribute to helping global causes and also reutilizing recycled materials in the process. The rebar bed can be constructed with a total material cost of around $5 dollars by using two 8 foot rebar sections and around 20 feet of plastic wrap. At this cost, thousands of beds for hurt and dying people and be constructed at rapid speed and for a minuscule amount of funding!