Ecotopia: Nike Kondakis "Sustainable fashion – Recycling Parachutes & Dead Wood"

Ecotopia: Nike Kondakis "Sustainable fashion – Recycling Parachutes & Dead Wood"2017-08-04T16:24:43+00:00


Design details:

The fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world. We urgently need to find sustainable ways to make people feel trendy and look good. If we succeed in creating more sustainable fashion option we will have a huge global impact. Parachutes expire after a few years – whether they have been used or not. These beautiful fabrics are lying around in people?s basements or at military surpluses – and they keep on coming. These fabrics come in all different colors and have great and interesting
features like stitches and stamps reveling when the parachute was produced and for whom. For instance: ‘Korean Security 1955’.

I make dresses from these parachutes, as the light fabric is perfect for big flowing garments. Furthermore I use the original parachute drawstrings as a feature in my designs for the consumer to be able to adjust the length of the dress and in that way use the same dress in different ways and for different occasions. This I see as another dimension of recycling as the user is actually able to ‘recycle’ the dress by turning it into different looks. Wood is one of the things our planet is running out of. Our forests are decreasing on a daily bases and we need trees in order to survive. I make jewelry from dead Wood – meaning wood that has naturally fallen off
the trees, either by wild animals pulling off branches or by storms. I integrate the bark and the roughness of the wood in my designs. This rough and earthy looking jewelry create a great contrast to the shiny parachute dresses and thereby the whole outfit has an interesting dynamic.


I believe that our future wardrobe will consist of only a few – but transformable pieces. We are running out of resources and will therefore be moving away from the ‘use and throw away’ culture and get more into a few good quality pieces that can fulfill our needs for self expression and adjustability.

Artwork details:
‘Recycling parachutes and bringing life to dead wood
-An ethical alternative to the fashion industry.’
Parachute Dress made from an original, non-dyed, recycled parachute and
Dead Wood jewelry made from wood that has naturally fallen off the tree.