Ecotopia: Pule Swai "HRU: Home Recycling Unit"

Ecotopia: Pule Swai "HRU: Home Recycling Unit"2017-08-04T16:24:43+00:00


Design details:

The “Home Recycling Unit” is a combination of 3 inventions: the trash can, the can crusher, and the last but not least, the wheel. People are encouraged to recycle at work and at home but are often not equipped with the best tools. The HRU trash can might be a solution to motivate people in doing so by making recycling easy and fun. In fact, the aim is to save space by crushing then cramming recyclable trash inside it before taking it for a stroll to the recycling center, when it’s full to the maximum. The detachable membrane acts as an expandable stomach which can easily be removed as well as a pocket for recycling paper and cardboard.

Dividable in 3 units, it is modular to fit different kitchen arrangements. The mobile unit is easily displaced using the crusher as a handle once tilted. A hole has been added to the original can crusher to allow PET bottles up to 1L to fit in vertically before being crushed. In this way, you first remove the cap to crush then replace it while crushing to form a vacuum inside the bottle. If the bottle has no ripples allowing it to easily crush vertically, it can then be crushed horizontally then sealed again.

Crushed cans and other tins can be slipped through the aluminum compartment’s tilting drawer, which is also removable in one piece. The top opening for crushed bottles allows for maximum piling within the membrane and is shaped to motivate and add fun.