Ecotopia: Taryn Zychal "Recycling Zychal"

Ecotopia: Taryn Zychal "Recycling Zychal"2017-08-04T16:24:42+00:00


Design details:

Recycling Zychal is a company that is dedicated to two very specific things: animals and the environment. They specialize in the ‘rescue’ and repurpose of broken umbrellas because what others see as trash, they see as a beautiful, water-resistant material that deserves a second chance. Unloved animals deserve a second chance too, so for every broken umbrella that is donated to Recycling Zychal, they donate $1 to a rotating line up of animal helping organizations, shelters and causes.

During and after every storm in the home-base city of Philadelphia, designer and founder TarynZychal and her team of broken umbrella rescuers go out and search for trashed umbrellas. They collect as many as they can and go back for seconds, sometimes thirds as they honor a ‘No Broken Umbrella Left Behind’ rule.

What started off as just a hobby has now expanded into something wonderful; a movement of broken umbrella lovers and rescuers all over the world. Recycling Zychal has fulfilled orders for custom fit Upcycled Umbrella Dog Rain Coats, HOODS and Organic Cat Nip filled Kitty Toys for customers all over the world and has started receiving broken umbrella donations from as far as France.


Recycling Zychal is getting ready to launch their new line of kitchen aprons, baby bibs, pet beds and bicycle seat covers in November. They have also launched a program called FLORA FAUNA FUNCTION, which asks businesses and stores to host a broken umbrella donation bin to keep broken umbrellas out of the trash and into the right hands of the people who will recycle them and give them a second chance, all while helping to support non-profit animal helping organizations.