March 15, 2010 at 7-10pm to April 15, 2010 at 7-10pm.

The goal of EcoTopia is to encourage the development of products that foster a healthy ecosystem and a sustainable society. Submissions should focus on one of the following areas: Transportation, Clothing/Footwear, Farming/Food, Household Appliances, and Shelter. Twenty entries will be chosen to appear in the show and will be included in a press release to be widely distributed by Nectar Design with the goal of being featured in industry and general audience publications.

Below are the finalists for Ecotopia

Name & Title

Carmel Walsh – Florence, Italy | Nature Footware
David Graham – London, United Kingdom | Move-It
Eduardo Perez – Long Beach, California | 4S Haus
Isabel Gonzalez – Barcelona, Spain | nomoreplasticbags
Isabel Gonzalez – Barcelona, Spain | Urban futurniture
Jeff Sciutto – Columbus, Indiana | Sustainable Juvenile Products (Dorel Juvenile Group)
Johnathan Coop – Long Beach, California | Compostable Compost Carrier
Kiersten Muenchinger and Robin Hubbard – Springfield, Oregon | Terra Preta
Kristy Lovejoy – San Jose, California | “Current” subway wind generator
Le Bui – Long Beach, California | Rebar Bed
Mahdieh Mirmoez – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia | LUCKY
Mark Moskovitz – Cleveland, Ohio | pinup
Mrinal Sharma – Chennai, India | Cary & Change
Nike Kondakis – Nairobi, Kenya | Sustainable fashion – Recycling Parachutes & Dead Wood
Pule Swai – Moshi, Tanzania | HRU: Home Recycling Unit
Rocco Avallone – Philadelphia, PA | Oei (Our Energy Information)
Shujoy Chakraborty – Milan, Italy | VOLTPOT
Taryn Zychal – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania | Recycling Zychal
Tyler Michieli – Portland, Oregon | Drop Garden
Vanessa Harden – London, United Kingdom | The Subversive Gardener
Vernelle Noel and Gijsbert Koren – Delft, Netherlands | GREENIX for Urban Farming

All submissions will be reviewed by a panel of experts and will be judged on the basis of concept quality, feasibility, and impact.

These will be defined as follows:

1) Concept Quality and Originality of Approach
2) Feasibility – No ‘perpetual motion’ concepts, please
3) Environmental Impact – Entries should include studies or explanations that show how the product contributes to overall sustainability and a healthy and diverse ecosystem.

Darren Saravis – Founder and owner of Nectar Product Development
Yutaka Kazamaki – Senior Designer at Nectar Product Development
Joep Meijer – Founder and owner of The Right Environment

All entrants are advised to take all necessary steps to protect their intellectual property. Nectar will not be responsible for the protection of intellectual property.