Making smart devices.

The Internet of things is one of the largest and most exciting emerging markets. IoT will span from consumer to business to government applications and will drastically change how technology affects our day to day lives.

Connected devices and systems pose unique challenges to engineers and designers alike – Creating integrated products requires a team that is similarly integrated across disciplines and processes, along with experience in Internet of Things Development.

Teamwork makes the dream work.

The Internet of Things is one of Nectar’s main areas of focus. Our cross-disciplinary excellence enables us to develop and deliver virtually all kinds of IoT products. Our various engineering experts (mechanical, electrical, software) collaborate with designers to produce outstanding results that are both extremely functional and intuitively useful.

The electronics team has experience with all the necessary components of a typical IoT device: radios, antennas, communication protocols, sensors, encryption, and more. Our design team relishes designing interactions across both 2D and 3D systems with multiple touch points, utilizing their extensive Internet of Things Development knowledge in human factors, usability, interface design, and so on.

Connected devices make life easier. Making them can be difficult. That’s where we come in.

Future Facing

We truly believe the internet of things has the potential to be one of the biggest technological game changers in the near future. Consequently, we are excited to be involved and help shape what is to come!