Ecotopia: Isabel Gonzalez "NoMorePlasticBags"

Ecotopia: Isabel Gonzalez "NoMorePlasticBags"2017-08-04T16:24:43+00:00


Design Details:

In the world, one million plastic bags are consumed per minute. Inside these bags, there are plastic, glass, cardboard and metal packaging. Only a fraction of such packages is recycled. For its recycling, it is required a high amount of energy.

We propose a global strategy where supermarkets, companies and user cooperate in benefit of the environment. We have designed a range of reusable and returnable packages and a shopping trolley where they carry them in an optimized way avoiding waste of material, the energy consumed in recycling and reducing the amount of waste.


The glass packaging allows to be used multiple times without losing its properties. For solid or liquid foods kept in liquid. We propose to do shopping in the usual or regular shopping place. Once they are used, it should be returned to the shopping place and then taken to the washing process. After this process, they are again supplied to food companies and re-distributed.

Containers for storage, it is not necessary to pull or clean after use. For solid and dry foods, hygiene products and household cleaning products. Distributed in bulk at points of sale. The self-dispensing is done by supplying the required volume. These containers are purchased separately or as a complete kit together with the shopping cart.