Project Description

Pure Rain Nanobubble System


Industrial Design, Mechanical Engineering, User Experience Design, Production Transition, Consumer

Making Rain in a Nozzle, So Plants Grow Faster

Bluemark Industries gave Nectar the challenge of developing something new in the home gardening products market. The company wanted to adapt its water oxygenation technology—proven to help plants grow 30 percent faster in industrial agriculture—for the consumer home market. Nectar drew the assignment of leveraging the manufacturer’s microscopic nanobubble technology to create an innovative brand and product line comprising 20 different SKUs

Must Be Innovative, but Also Familiar

Garden watering systems hadn’t seen any significant innovation in more than a decade. While nanobubble oxygenation technology would certainly differentiate Bluemark’s products, designing a nanobubble generator and incorporating it in design forms ranging from a hand-held nozzle to a watering wand to a sprinkler system presented distinct challenges. Not only did Nectar need to innovate a nanobubble generator that would fulfill these different functions in terms of mechanical design and fluid path, it also needed to accomplish that objective while remaining true to the form factors that consumers know and love. In short, the new line of garden watering systems had to be innovative in terms of performance yet familiar in terms of usage.

Designing a Complete, Cost-Effective Product Line

Nectar developed the Pure Rain brand of oxygenating watering systems by thoroughly exploring the look and feel of various designs with an eye toward differentiating the products in the market. By integrating the nanobubble generator within a window inside the handset, wand, and sprinkler system designs, Nectar delivered an innovative solution that highlighted the new technology within familiar form factors. This approach served to gain consumer interest at point of purchase by exposing the products primary differentiator. The areas where the nanobubble window and form interfaced were overmolded and contoured for ergonomics, comfort, and usability.

However, Nectar didn’t stop at just one innovation. Additional research revealed that optimizing the handle angle—as opposed to the vertical orientation utilized by competing products—would increase comfort and maneuverability. Lastly, because of the extent of the product line, Nectar designed a core chassis for the nanobubble generator, which could then be pared with different aesthetic covers to produce products at low, mid, and high price points.

Making a Splash in the Market

Consumers have embraced the Pure Rain line of water oxygenating products because of their innovative industrial design and game-changing technology, leading to orders from key box retailers, such as Lowes, Home Depot, Target, and Canadian Tire. Due to Nectar’s core chassis development strategy, Bluemark also realized substantial savings in tooling costs. As a result of Nectar’s efforts in putting the rain in the palm of gardeners’ hands, the Pure Rain product line won four International Design Excellence (IDEA) Awards and three Good Design Awards.