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Project Description

Cypher Atomic Force Microscope

Asylum Research

Industrial Design, Mechanical Engineering, User Experience, Industrial, Medical & Scientific

Background and Challenges

Asylum Research, the technology leader in Atomic Force/Scanning Probe Microscopy (AFM/SPM), sought to stir up its market by developing and introducing a next-generation atomic force microscope that represented the first big technological breakthrough in the field in a decade. The company teamed with Nectar to design and engineer the Cypher AFM, the world’s highest resolution atomic force microscope.

Innovating World’s Highest Resolution Atomic Force Microscope

Developing a closed loop, three-axis atomic force microscope that produces the most accurate images and measurements possible at the sub-nanometer level is particularly challenging, especially when Nectar was tasked with eliminating the effects of environmental vibration, which previously had required additional isolation add-ons for most labs.

The Cypher AFM not only had to be extremely precise, but also had to be incredibly stable. Nectar undertook the challenge of pushing the envelope on atomic force microscope performance as opposed to minor tweaks and add-ons.

Concept Renderings

Steady Operation at the Sub-Nanometer Level

Nectar developed an integrated system enclosure for the Cypher AFM(Atomic Force Microscope), which enables thermal management and control, as well as additional acoustic isolation for noisy environments.

Aiding New Discoveries in Nano-Scale Materials and Biological Science

The introduction of the Cypher AFM marked the biggest technological breakthrough in the atomic force microscope market in 10 years. With positioning accuracies better than 60 picometers in the X, Y, and Z planes, users achieve atomic resolution in a closed loop—free of environmental noise and vibration—enabling them to realize the most accurate measurements, positioning, and nanomanipulation possible.

The system’s integrated enclosure provides acoustic and vibration isolation, along with excellent thermal control, which contributes to image and measurement stability. The Cypher AFM is helping scientists and researchers make new discoveries in nano-scale materials and biological science.

Final Product