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Project Description

Binocular Optical Loupe


Contextual Research, Industrial Design, Mechanical Engineering, Medical & Scientific

Background and Challenges

PeriOptix, Inc., one of the nation’s leading providers of high quality magnification and illumination systems for medical and dental professionals, tasked Nectar with developing a magnifying binocular loupe for use by dental hygienists.

Getting a Better View of Those Pearly Whites

Dental hygienists are adept at improving smiles, but can make clean teeth even whiter when they can see them better. Optical loupes are rapidly becoming the standard of care among dental hygienists because wearing them enhances visualization, improves working posture, and reduces musculoskeletal stress.

Accommodating a Unique Work Environment

Nectar designers and engineers had to create a device that would give dental hygienists a much better view when they are performing delicate manual operations under conditions with limited space and restricted sight lines. The design had to be compact and light, to accommodate a hygienist’s unique working environment, yet powerful and effective.

Works Well, Looks Good

Nectar conducted extensive human factors research and analysis to fully understand how to improve the design, in terms of both usability and aesthetic appearance. The firm conducted thorough finite element analyses and simulations of the design to optimize the loupe’s frames for improved stiffness, strength, and usability. Nectar also drew upon its tooling and manufacturing expertise to quickly and cost-effectively drive the design into production.

Extending Hygienist Careers

With the introduction of the PeriOptix Binocular Optical Loupe, Nectar helped PeriOptix provide hygienists with a quality product that magnifies their working area while enabling them to maintain an upright, ergonomic posture—with head, neck, spine, and hips in perfect alignment—and minimize strain on the eyes and body. By using the PeriOptix Binocular Optical Loupe, hygienists will reduce the chance of developing neck and back problems, which can shorten career longevity.