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Project Description

TruDR User Interface

Sound Eklin

User Experience (UX/UI), Medical & Scientific

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Background and Challenges

Sound-Eklin produces the most widely accepted and used digital radiography and picture archiving and communication systems (PACS) in the veterinary industry. The primary challenges that Nectar faced involved creating an intuitive user interface and information-rich user experience for performing and processing large and small animal x-rays—both in veterinary offices and in the field.

Making Veterinary X-Ray Technology Easier to Use

The user interface had to meet veterinary needs in both settings, as well as support use on office computers and via wireless connections on laptops and tablets. It also had to be simple and intuitive enough so that veterinarians and their technicians, both of whom are not radiologists have little experience processing x-rays can use it to perform x-rays and produce the high-quality images that are required for effective diagnosis and treatment.

Understanding User Perspectives and Requirements

FDrawing from its extensive experience in the veterinary industry and deep expertise in effective user interface design, Nectar first conducted contextual research by visiting a horse stable to speak with users in the equine/large animal environment. The firm combined these insights with its knowledge of how veterinary offices operate, and incorporated these findings in designing the overall look and feel of the interface screen.

This involved creating backgrounds, frames, windows, the color palette, and icons that are characterized by a clean, modern look and feel—conveying ease-of-use, power, and quality—and that are aesthetically suitable for a medical application. Nectar also created buttons to support and optimize touch-screen operation on digital tablets, and took steps to integrate the interface’s look in feel with Sound-Eklin branding conventions.

User Interface Comp

Improving the Effectiveness of Veterinary X-Rays as Diagnostic Tools

Nectar’s collaboration with Sound-Eklin resulted in the simple, elegant, and effective TruDR software interface, which optimizes veterinary efficiency, image quality, and return on investment. By delivering an intuitive, easy-to-use interface, TruDR software helps improve the effectiveness of using veterinary x-rays as diagnostic tools. Images are automatically distributed to either a PACS system or a destination of the veterinarian’s choice. The TruDR interface lets veterinarians quickly and easily perform x-rays and process images on animals ranging in size from a mouse to an elephant, in settings as diverse as an office, barn, or zoo, advancing the state-of-the-art in veterinary care.