Project Description

U Treadmill

Cardio by U

Industrial Design, Mechanical Engineering, User Experience (UX/UI), Consumer

Background and Challenges

JP came to Nectar to realize his vision of a folding portable treadmill with therapeutic tread. The project started out as a few paper sketches to communicate the folding idea and general look of the product. Nectar worked with JP to get a pre production prototype built, while also developing assets and plans for securing investors and funding to bring the product to market.

Exploring the treadmill space

Nectar’s Industrial Design and User Experience teams started by exhaustively researching the existing treadmill landscape and the target users and use cases for this product. As usual, the team started documenting user and technical requirements including weight, power, size etc.

Once in the concept phase, the team followed the User-centered design process an created a variety of mockups to evaluate. Human factors and ergonomics were especially important for this project, considering the multitude of user body types that would have to both use the treadmill and be able to easily move and store the product.

Delivering the Goods

The mechanical engineering team found a powerful, yet lightweight motor to run the treadmill. The tread is also contoured so as to have a therapeutic effect on the user’s feet. The ID team was able to create a Bugatti-esque feel for the product – mostly black with gold highlights that communicate a luxury brand feel.